VOX Cinemas is located in Grand Plaza of The Avenues, it is primed to deliver an unmatched cinema experience taking entertainment levels to new heights for movie buffs.


Cinescape opened in The Avenues in 2007, which created a shift in the movie theatres industry. With 11 movie theatres, it is one of the most prominent Cinescape sites with advanced theatre experiences.


A safe and fun environment for children designed to provide the ultimate role-playing opportunity for kids up to 14 years old.

Magic Planet

Magic Planet is the largest indoor amusement park in the region, featuring several international award-winning games, indoor rides, simulators, skill games and attractions.


Baroue is Kuwait’s first of its kind one stop store for kids that strives to make the dream of every child a reality and every visit memorable and meaningful.

Live Sketchbook

Live Sketchbook is the first 4D park in the middle east and new concept contents that actively utilizes the advantages of digital technology which have not existed before in theme parks for children.

Joury Spa Center

A Women’s Spa and Beauty center, where Women's Health and beauty meet, to feature a revolutionized incorporation of science, specialization and experience

Me Time Nail Spa

Are you looking to get pampered, or just looking for an excuse to take care of you? You’ve come to the right place!


TEKZONE is a dynamic, fun, family entertainment brand set in a futuristic environment that unveils a new dimension in Leisure and Entertainment.

Escape Land

Escape Land is a fun, new, team building real-life escape game entertainment concept, designed for small groups of 2-8 people with a variety of 14 different themes.